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Cracks – Rock Chips

The only time "bulls eye" should be heard is when you are target practicing. However, rocks have a way of making a bulls eye on your windshield causing a chip or a crack. Not to worry. Ace and Jerry Auto Glass have a patented process to keep the damage from getting worse. If caught early, our process can save you the cost of a new windshield. Most insurance companies will gladly pay for a repair ... it is much less expensive than a replacement. Give us a call so we can determine if a repair can save your windshield.

Windshield Replacement
If your windshield cannot be repaired but must be replaced, Ace and Jerry have your back! Through volume buying, the cost to replace your windshield is often less than what other shops would try to sell you which is a poorer quality glass. We only replace the best grade glass. You and your family will continue to be safe. Don't be fooled ... not all glass is the same! Come to Ace and Jerry Auto Glass where you can rest assured that you will have the very best replacement at the lowest possible price.
Glass Tinting
You do more than just look "cool" with window tinting. Tinting will block the thermals rays and keep the inside of your car from overheating and damaging your interior. Tinting will also lower the amount of Ultra Violet rays from coming into the car, thus protecting you. Energy costs are reduced with tinting and your safety is improved ... should an accident occur, the tinting keeps glass fragments from shattering into smaller more dangerous pieces by holding them together. Call Ace and Jerry today for more information about window tinting.